Leash and Lash


I’ve got a stash

Don’t need no cash

But it ain’t just trash

Perhaps a bit of mish mash

Try and nash

Some of this hash

No need to bash

No need to slash

No need to dash

We can clash

It would be fun to flash

Or there’s sun to splash

The wind is a bit brash

Alright let’s leash and lash!

© Salem Islas-Madlo 2009

A Play on Words


Since I can remember
It’s been a play on words
From my lips to yours or theirs
Language leaving legends
Letters strung together
Bringing life,light,loneliness,love
Madness or magic


On the minds of men like memory
Riding on trains of time
Ricocheting echoes of voices
Haunting sleepy solitudes
Or gurgling laughter 
Rolling into heroic oceans of humor

Ghosts of mother’s happy guilt
To father’s fairytale fame
Recalling this play on words
Of doubtful dreams
Drinking and driving
Into our consciousness.  

© 2009 Salem Islas-Madlo