Letting Go into Dreams

“Deep, deep infinity! Quietness. To dream away from the tensions of daily living; to sail over a calm sea at the prow of a ship, toward a horizon that always recedes; to stare at the passing waves and listen to … Continue reading

Such a Thing as Soul


The music stirred my soul.

Why do people think that talk of the soul is so abstruse? They say that the soul is hard to discern, and they believe that spirituality is difficult to know in ordinary life. But we do talk of the soul all the time: “The painting awakened something in my soul.” “It satisfied my soul.” “This place has a special soul.” “This person has a great deal of soul.” This shows that we sense, at least intuitively, that  there is such a thing as soul.

Even people who do not permanently think of themselves as spiritually conscious have had experiences  relating to the soul. We know it to be something subtle, special, transcendent, and apart from ordinary references of physical laws. We will leave for others what we should do with the soul, but think of the soul that you are talking about when you say something like “music stirs my very soul.”

Is that soul of yours subject to damnation or blessing or reincarnation? Or is that soul of yours just there? Isn’t it our deepest, must subtle humanity? Isn’t it consciousness that recognize, that can feel? That is gentle, not aggressive? That does not scheme, is not political, is not ambitious , and is not evil? Soul is part of our everyday life.

-Deng Ming-Dao-

ImagePhoto from: img.earthshots.org Artist in youtube: Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)