Letting Go into Dreams

“Deep, deep infinity! Quietness. To dream away from the tensions of daily living; to sail over a calm sea at the prow of a ship, toward a horizon that always recedes; to stare at the passing waves and listen to … Continue reading

Honor the Treaties

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“Honor the Treaties is a short film that examines photographer Aaron Hueyʼs powerful advocacy work for Native American rights on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The film explores the idea that journalists often ʻget the story wrong.ʼ

Using Aaronʼs seven-year experience as a photographer on the Pine Ridge Reservation, we examine the idea of growth and change in relationship to telling a story. Aaronʼs advocacy work began with his 2010 TED Talk calling for the return of the Black Hills to the Lakota Sioux. Viewed online over 800,000 times, the talk caught the attention of legendary street artist Shepard Fairey, who, along with artist Ernesto Yerena, teamed up on a nationwide poster campaign based on Aaronʼs images. In November 2011, Shepard and Aaron installed a sixty by eighty foot mural, based on a collage of Aaronʼs images, in Los Angeles.

Aaronʼs movement into advocacy is shown in our film through his collaboration with Fairey. Juxtaposing the urban environment of Los Angeles against the stark, rural poverty of Pine Ridge, the film seeks to draw connections between art & advocacy, ultimately making a case for empowering individuals to ʻtell their own stories’.”*

“Things happen when we open our hearts and listen.”

I share this story because recently I have felt the haunting of my past arising again…I have Yaqui or Yoeme background. This story found me this morning, so I share it with you.

*This film description is taken directly from the Reelhouse page which you can find by clicking on the Details.

*Unfortunately, the video wouldn’t download correctly, so I had to attach it in link form. Please be sure to watch the film. It has the true quality of integrity.

If you want to find out more about Honor the Treaties they just set up a new website:


Another website to visit: http://www.pbs.org/filmfestival/all-films/honor-treaties/