The Mansions and Gardens of Your Soul

ImageAt times I like to explore writings on Christian Mystics…here is what I found today.

“Although I have spoken here only of seven Mansions yet in each there are comprised many more, both above and below and around, with lovely gardens and fountains and things so delectable that you will want to lose yourselves in praise of the great God Who created it in His image and likeness.” ~Teresa of Avila~


“In her book The Interior Castle, Teresa of Avila leads us on a journey  to explore the seven “mansions,” or rooms, that make up our souls. This quote comes at the end of her book, where she points out how rich and diverse our souls are. Even after all she has described , there is much more to explore — “above and below and around,” amazing endless spaces within our souls that will render us lost in praise. Have you made this journey, wandering among the mansions and gardens of your soul? What does your soul’s architecture, look like? If you haven’t visited yet, what is holding you back?” -Matthew Fox-


I like the ideas that rise up with this text considering the spaces of our souls. The mansions and gardens. The “above and below and around”. Ever since I started writing this blog, I’ve been fascinated with living life from underneath…so this passage challenges me in living my life from underneath through the power of imagination.

Path to the Incomprehensible

“Anyone who understands that the great variety of things is a reflected image of the one great Divine and leaves behind the diversity in all the images will arrive in an incomprehensible manner at the incomprehensible.”  



Divinity is the enfolding of the universe,

and the universe is the unfolding of divinity…


The human mind

is the enfolding of its own dream world

and its own dream world is the unfolding of the human mind.



is the enfolding and unfolding of

everything that is.

Divinity is in all things in such a way

that all things are in divinity.


September 15th 111


Mind itself

supposing itself to encompass, survey,

and comprehend all things

thus concludes

that it is in everything

and everything is in it.

-Nicolas of Cusa-

Don’t You Worry Child

Good Morning World!

Be filled with JOY today!

Celebrate your essence Beloved.

Your beauty is breathtaking!

Lyric translation :

(Traditional Hindi Prayer)
Twamev mata ca pita, badhu, sakha, vidya, dravidam
Sarvo mum deva deva

[You are truly my mother and my father, my friend, my kin, my knowledge, and
my wealth.You are my everything, my God of Gods]


[Happiness without worry]

Kuch saalon pehle ki baatein, Mujhko yaad aayi

[There was a time years ago]

Jisme mainey kuch galtiya ki thi

[When I first met adversity]

Aur phir jaane kyo, Dil ye rota tha

[My heart cried out in sorrow]

Kyonki nadaani karnaa aasaan tha

[When in my innocence I stumbled]

Mere dil ki hai dua, Khush raho sadaa

[In my heart I pray for happiness]

Na bhoolana… Khushnuma

[Always remember…happiness without worry]

Sun le zaraa… Dil ki dua

[Hear me … the prayer in my heart]

Sun le zaraa

[Hear my heart]

Artists: The Piano Guys & Shweta Subram