A Soul Bath

A soul bath from this morning as well as this evening during meditation. Letting go into the beyond…

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bobdhi Svaha

“Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond, Completely Gone
Beyond, Enlightenment, Hail”

This is a mantra of transcendent knowledge, a mantra of deep insight, the unsurpassed mantra, an incomparable mantra, a mantra which calms all suffering should be known as truth, for there is no deception.

musicians: Deva Premal & Miten

The Peal of Laughter


The mountains were laughing. The kind of laughter that rolled off the shoulders of Earth, herself. Her face faint with a slight rosy blush as she slipped on her dusty lavender nightgown touching down with a dark hem of embroidered tree lace…yes the mountains were laughing from sheer bliss.

Chidananda (sung by Deva Premal from her album Love is Space)

Lyrics (translated): I am eternal bliss, I am shiva.

I am not the mind, intellect, ego nor consciousness.

I am not the ears, tongue, nose or eyes.

I am not space, earth, fire or wind.

I am eternal bliss, I am shiva.

I am not breathing power, the seven metals,

nor the five coverings.

I am not speech, hands, feet nor rectum

I am eternal bliss, I am shiva.

I am not envy, anger, nor craving nor attraction.

I am not arrogance nor pride nor religion, wealth, 

lust nor liberation.

I am eternal bliss, I am shiva.

I am not virtue, sin, joy nor sorrow

I am not mantra, pilgrimage,

offering, nor ritual fire.

I am not food, the eating, nor the one who eats.

I am eternal bliss, I am shiva.

I am beyond concepts, beyond form.

I am all-pervading in all the senses.

I see equality in all things, I am neither liberated 

nor in bondage.

I am eternal bliss, I am shiva.