Another Play Into Another Day

Performed by: Emiliana Torrini


Let’s stay awake
And listen to the dark
Before the birds
Before they all wake up

It’s the ending of a play
And soon begins another
Hear the leaves applaud the wind


See the sun come rising
And white winds start to fly
Like strings of pearls
In the fiery sky

I don’t want to close my eyes
Don’t want to leave the stage now
Hear, the leaves applaud our stay


Lend me your wings
And teach me how to fly
Show me when it rains
The place you go to hide

N’ the curtains draw again
N’ bow another day and
the leaves applaud the wind


Ebony Curtain

I washed my face

With warm, salty tears

Early in the morning

My head throbbing

My body quelling

Into silent, heaving confusion

All the while forgetting

My heart softly drumming

Because I was

Losing myself to you

In nocturnal shadows

Of an ebony curtain

That obscurely falls

On the dawn

Of a new day.

© Salem Islas-Madlo 2013Image