Celebrate World Poetry Day

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Word Poetry DayIn 1999, UNESCO decided to recognize the importance of poetry by designating March 21st World Poetry Day. Poetry still plays a big part in arts and culture today, constantly evolving and branching off into other artistic avenues, such as: spoken work, music, and painting.

Poetry is often underrated, and many frown upon reading it assuming all poems are hard to understand. It is a craft many use to express emotions, share culture and stories from their lives, and bring awareness to causes. Poetry is a tool artists use to inform the world, while growing within. For some it is therapy, for others it is a creative delight.

If you are a writer or just love to read poetry, there are many ways to celebrate World Poetry Day:

  • If you are a poet, share a few of your poems throughout the day using the hashtag #worldpoetryday. While you’re at it…

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