Look up at the sky

I see part of you and me 

What do you see there?

© Salem Islas-Madlo 2014

*sketch by Willmj

Spirit Life

Life Solutions

What is Spirit Life

The highest level of our consciousness is spirt life..

We often stay in lower states and therefore aren’t even aware..

Like walking through a forest unaware of the lurking wild life so well aware of you ..

How do we know ?

– do we see beauty ?
– do we hurt when we see suffering?
– do we have a longing for deeper more meaningful experience?
– do we have an urge to create or express our true selves in someway?
– do we experience those fleeting moments when all seems just perfect ?
– do we love knowing it’s the very reason we live?
– do we have unexplainable times of depth when we know our true selves ?

These are indications of a pull toward a consciousness of the spirit ..
It is to our greatest advantage to take these kinds of whispers…

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