Reflections of Me

Today I would like to share some poetry from Twitter as well as some art and photography that have inspired me.


painting by: Nishant Dange

She always knew that
She would need to feel
Every single raw emotion
To be real
Still choosing to love
Above them all

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deep breathes

photo by: Elena Kalis

Holding in emotions
Is like holding your breath
Eventually you’re going to have to breathe
Deep breaths
Honest breaths

poem by:

who I amwatercolor by: Kareem Iliya

Writing Your Story


“The story is about the love, compassion, humor, and patience you bring to your life and its situations. God and the universe aren’t just working on the situation: they’re working on YOU. If you’re wondering why the universe isn’t solely focused on getting you the great job offer it’s because the universe isn’t always concerned with which job you have. The picture is much bigger than that. Neither is the universe concerned whether or not you’re married or in a relationship—it’s more concerned with your experience of love than who is or is not in your life. And rather than focusing solely on your health, the universe is more concerned with your experience of life, whatever the conditions may be. The universe is concerned with who you are, and it will bring into your life, in whatever the situations, in whatever time, what you need to become the person you’re supposed to be. The key lies in trusting—and having patience.”

-Elisabeth Kübler-Ross-

*photo by Samantha Lamb

who knew

who knew.

The Pilgrim

Church bells

Church bells

Ring out

Calling my heart

Back home

To walk

My essence

 On earth.

© Salem Islas-Madlo 2014

*photo by Chiesina Vitaleta

Life is a Mystery


“The God I cry out to in anguish or joy can neither be proved nor disapproved. The hope I have that death is not the end of all our questions can neither be proved nor disproved.”

― Madeleine L’Engle―

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