Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am at that place in my journey again…and it’s a question that must be answered for the sake of healing.

“Spiritual healing differs from all other modalities in that it results directly from strengthening our relationship with the Divine. We accomplish this by initiating, and then consciously and continually developing, an intimate relationship with our Innermost Self, a facet of our soul. Our soul never loses sight of its oneness with Divine Nature; our Innermost Self serves as our own personal bridge to the Divine.

As a result of our wounding, it appears we have lost touch with this deepest part of ourselves and hence our soul. But no matter how distant we may seem to be from our soul, we are in fact inseparable from it. Furthermore, the soul remains an infinite resource for healing. Our challenge is to clear away the distorted filters of long-established patterns or wounded thoughts and feelings that keep us from knowing the Innermost Self and, in turn, the Divine. It is important to note that, while this deep work takes place in the spiritual realm it is simultaneously entirely practical. Through clarifying our difficulties, gaining insights into them, and arriving at real-world solutions, we can bring this work into our everyday lives. We become acquainted with the truest aspect of ourselves, the Innermost Self.”

-Linda Howe-

*art found on Pinterest  http://www.pinterest.com/ligiacoldwell/

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