Walking Down the Road

Tomorrow is the 14th of May; and it will have been a year since I’ve started writing this blog….Deep Souldiving…and well the one thing I’ve found out in all that time is that I’ve only begun to touch the truth of who I am.

To look at myself everyday with eyes of wonder…takes courage…and most days I struggle. Lately, it just feels like I’ve been going round in circles…weighed down in loneliness and sorrow. A sense of self, peace and joy are just gone…or at least those are the thoughts stumbling into my words…

The reality is that in learning to be true, there is a fine line between protection and vulnerability. It is a miracle when heart and mind open to life…but so is closing to it…it takes a willingness to die and be reborn over and over again…simply being in the life/death/life cycle.

I will look at myself, smile or shed a tear and breathe one more day…as I mindfully walk on down the road.

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