*Photo found on Pinterest, via Anita van Maercke

Dear Readers and Friends,

I am entering a silent meditation for the next five days. I leave you with the lyrics from Michael Card…which I have adjusted to reflect where I am in my spirituality.

“In stillness and simplicity
 In the silence of the heart I see
 The mystery of eternity
 Who lives inside of me
 In stillness and simplicity
 I hear the Spirit’s silent plea
 That You, Divine, are close to me
 In stillness and simplicity
 You’re the Word
 Who must be heard
 By those who listen quietly
 Is the reason we’re not still
 To hear You speak because
 We don’t believe You will
 In stillness and simplicity
 I lose myself in finding Thee
 Divine, You mean so much to me
 In stillness and simplicity
 So, seek the One who dwells in you
 The kingdom that within is true
 That innermost reality
 In stillness and simplicity”