The Discernment of Forgiveness

The Discernment of Forgiveness

“Only love is real. Nothing else actually exists. If a person behaves unlovingly, then that means that regardless of their negativity –anger or whatever–their behavior derived from fear and doesn’t actually exist. They’re hallucinating. You forgive them, then because there’s nothing to forgive. Forgiveness is a discernment between what is real and what is not real.” ~Marianne Williamson~

Today I rest my soul in the Divine light of love, just as a bud sleeps in the midst of winter’s cold grip. Trusting that patience and forgiveness are the key to the peace of my heart.


4 thoughts on “The Discernment of Forgiveness

  1. People have life difficulties, they exist whether someone wants to turn a blind eye or not. When people suffer it is very real to them. The key is being LOVE enough to admit that there is contrast in the world, and someone needs our love. This is why the shadows cross our paths, to give us the opportunity to practice that LOVE we preach. If our love is that strong, we will not see their fear as a threat, as a negative, as the judgement is not present in LOVE. Instead it is an opportunity to exercise the apparent loving place we are in.


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