City Layers: Pebble to a Pearl


Baby girl too shy to shine 
Let everybody else take the light 
Didn’t want to burn too bright 
So she kept it all inside 


Little girl go beat your drum 
Go and see what all you can become 
Playin’ small don’t serve no one 
Face your fears and you will overcome Image

Cause the tears that we been cryin’ 
Been workin’ overtime 
It’s about time that we got our joyful 
That we got our joyful on 


Don’t be afraid to live out loud 
Never squash who you are be proud 
You’re a universal sound 
Whatcha gotta say, say it loud 


Baby don’t ya act demure 
So nobody else feels insecure 
Be yourself and liberate the world 
Don’t ya be a pebble be a pearl

Lyrics by: Nikka Costa