Being Blissfully Awake

Being Blissfully Awake

Sleep my little baby-oh
Sleep until you waken
When you wake, you’ll see the world
If I’m not mistaken…

Kiss a lover
Dance a measure,
Find your name
And buried treasure…

Face your life
Its pain,
Its pleasure,
Leave no path untaken.”

~Neil Gaiman~

At times I feel like a new born babe, who is just waking up to the world around me. As this year slowly eases itself into the portal of infinity, I reflect back and sigh a little, shed a few tears, smile gently, and laugh out loud. I sit cozily now thankful for the breath within my body, the beat of my heart, and the peace of my mind. I turn my face to the wind as I prepare to journey onward into more tomorrows. Ah me, Ah Life….to be awake! Bliss!


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