Doodle Oodles and Oodles

Doodle, doodle, doodle
With oodles and oodles
Of words, for example…
The light shimmers
Through her changing cloak
When she raises
Her graceful branches
A little, old lady
In red meanders
Pausing again and again
The drill and hammer
Are busy behind
As cars whiz by
Going from A to B
Teenage boys tease
Passing awkwardly by
A crisp breeze jostles
Golden-brown leaves falling
Down to the ground
Little lady in red
Is back again
With a scarf
Of many colors
Again she passes
And the blue sky
Wraps herself lovingly
Around great, old Earth
The tree under which
I sit wants to play
Dropping herself
Lightly upon my lap
‘Winter is coming,’ she says,
‘And then I must stand
Solemn and true
So, come and talk with me.’
Ok, I agree, and begin,
‘I have been known
To doodle with words
By the oodles and oodles.’

© Salem Islas-Madlo 2010


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