An Autumn Walk

October 20th 028

A Moment Called Then

There was a time I thought of you

I thought of the twinkle in your eyes

That teased and captivated my essence

I thought of your smile assuring me

Of the hidden joys yet to be discovered

October 20th 031

There was a lifetime I thought of you

I thought of your wink ensuring me

That there is more than life’s complexities

I thought of your laugh enfolding me

In the pleasures of just being

October 20th 066

There was a breathing of infinity

Of our souls intertwining

I thought of intimate gazes

Interlocking, longing to offer myself up

But there was closing of a door

October 20th 080

For now you’re laid to rest

Until an hour of resurrection

Should transpire and call forth

The temporality buried alive

Within the caverns of my heart

October 20th 120

There’s a moment called then

When in the grand scheme of things

Somewhere in a space of this universe

We two, can just once

Be ourselves, together.

Copyright © 2006 Salem Islas-Madlo