The Drifting Leaf

The Drifting Leaf

Upon a brook fell a golden leaf
With it went my hopes and dreams
It floated gracefully upon the water
The beauty of it slowly drifted away
I could see the light shine upon it
And it’s reflection as it surged under
A little bubbling waterfall
It came up once more

Slowly drifting away…

© Salem Islas-Madlo 1986

In honor of autumn, I coyfully share one of the first poems I ever wrote. I was on a hike with the church youth group in the Appalachian Mountains. About 14 years old, lovesick over an older boy, but suffering in silence due to a strict religious upbringing. At that time, I seriously believed that I could never write poetry. I had only ever written plays and stories until then. Nevertheless, it took me on a path from which thankfully I have never departed.

*photo taken from the internet 3 years ago, so unfortunately due credit to the artist cannot be posted at this time

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