Prayers in a Song

Tall Paul ( explores the connections between language, identity, and landscape.

This video is part of The Ways, an ongoing series of stories on culture and language from Native communities around the central Great Lakes.

Gichi-manido wiidookawishin ji-mashkawiziyaan
(Great Spirit help me to be strong)
Mii dash bami’idiziyaan
(So that I can help myself)
Miizhishinaam zaagi’iiwewin
(Show us all love)
Ganoozh ishinaam, bizindaw ishinaam
(talk to us, hear us)
Mii-wenji nagamoyaan
(That is why I am singing)
Nimishomis wiidookawishinaam ji-aabajitooyaang anishinaabe izhitwaawin
(Grand father help us to use the Native ways)
mii-ji-bi-gikendamaan keyaa anishinaabe bimaadiziwin
(so that we’ll know how to live the Native way/the good life)


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