Remind Me Who I Am

This song is from the Christian music scene…

The message is the same. No matter what religion we are or what we believe…life can get real hard and being in the world can sometimes feel like sheer cruelty…and once in awhile we all need to be reminded of who we truly are… Divine Beings in our essence. Whether its a meditation bell, breathing practice, the song of a bird, a child’s laughter, thunder, the wind in the trees, a horn honking, the roar of the crowd in a sports stadium, or even bodily pain…that brings us back to our true selves, we need reminding of our essence… May these words from Awaken Our Spirit Within by Patsie Smith and Jason Gray’s song do a bit of reminding…

“I am Life
Your pure essence, spirit and seed of existence itself,
That lies within you, longing to awaken and flourish.
I am long before you and after you, never born, never die,
timeless, without boundaries.

I am pure unconditional love, wholeness,connectedness, freedom, bliss,joy, peace, stillness.
I am That beyond the gross and limited,
yet you are blinded.
You choose the illusion
that you have control
through grasping and being caught
by all that is unreal and comes and goes.
You think you are alive but you barely know Life.
You choose separation.

It is time to wake up!
Have strength, courage and trust to let go.
Surrender the fear and all that imprisons you.

I am beyond mind, thoughts, emotions, ego, conditioning, desires, needs, attachments, memories, dreams, goals, forms, identities, ideas.
Beyond all that arises.
When all that I am not is released and let go, I AM….

Total, whole, eternal,infinite.
And such also is all that arises.
No more questions.Home.
No more you, I, us.
No more words.”

Artist: Jason Gray
Song: “Remind Me Who I Am”
Album: “A Way to See in the Dark”