Rainbow Warriors

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow and will put its faith in actions not words — Old Native American Prophecy

Rainbow Warriors are people from all walks of life who care about the future of all living things and have an interest in developing a deeper connection to the web of life itself.

Great leaders, Warriors and Shamans of many nations will be born and they will cleanse the earth for rebirth. Next will come the Planters sowing seeds of truth, justice and freedom. The Storytellers, Warriors and Planters will live in the way of the Great Spirit and teach ways to keep Mother of the Ground sacred forevermore. They will be called Rainbow Warriors for they will gather the four sacred directions, all distinctly separate but forever connected in the Circle of Life. ~ Lee Standing Bear Moore, Manataka American Indian Council ~

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Warriors

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    • Thank you echosfromtheabyss for sharing this here. These words are so true! Let us honor our ancestors and Grandmother Earth as we kiss her with our feet in each step. Let us join together in spirit and compassion through prayer even as Chief Arvol Looking Horse has asked of us.


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