It’s Easy Until…


It’s easy to heed

The world falling on her face

To stand by and see

Her fall from grace

It’s easy to ignore

Pleas for relief

To shake our head in disbelief

As louder they implore

It’s easy to pretend

There is a heaven and hell

To think who could ever mend

Satan when from heaven he fell

It’s easy to subdue

Our spirit to the point of death

To breathe our last breath

When Life has yet a miracle to imbue

It’s easy to discern

The foolishness of man

To ever strive with a plan

Love’s lesson ultimately to learn

It’s easy to feign

Deafness, blindness, muteness

To stunt growth, the dire acuteness

Confession of no understanding to pain

It’s easy to confuse

Integrity for fallible presumption

To triumph with vague assumption

A plight trust alone can defuse

It’s easy to forsake

Your soul in an hour of need

To walk away from heartbleed

Forgiveness, new promise yet to awake

It’s easy until….

Silence intercedes illusion

Desire compels the will

Rebirth prevails in conclusion.

It’s easy until….

A thousand voices all belong

With joy overflowing karma’s fill

As one voice permeates the Song.

© 2005 Salem Islas-Madlo



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