Your Presence

Your Presence

My soul weeps
I sweat drops of blood
My ancient heart cries out
The blade cuts through

Ever the sacrifice
On the altar I lay
To keep the peace
For myself another century

The sun beats down
On the brow of the Yaqui
My indigenous heritage haughty
Savage, wielding and upright

I, the virgin ,the innocent
Or so I presumed
Am to die, no tears to shed
To appease the gods

Azul Pacific
Dancing expanse of ocean
I souldive to your depths
Seeking to find rest

I hide my face
Alas, no place is safe
When You come again
Into the eye of the storm, I sail

In Your presence
Joy is my mantle
Peace heals my wounds
There I simply am.

© 2005 Salem Islas-Madlo


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