Little Scratching Soul


I saw these boots and fell in love. Last week, I visited my children at summer camp on parent’s weekend, and well I thought I had found my soulmate. πŸ˜‰ But then,…..I saw something that made me laugh with all my might, and afterwards I smiled.


This unabashed gentleman deserves a minute of blog fame.

Forgive me men, but I must confess as I smiled and smiled the thought, “Boy, they sure start young, don’t they?!” crossed my mind.Β I tried to research a little on the topic of scratching the bum, because I honestly thought it was more or less a ‘man thang’. However, the photos I came across revealed that women have similar habits. Perhaps on the whole we are just more discrete about it. Whatever gender conditioning we have received in our upbringing, the truth remains when you have an itch you ‘gotta’ scratch.

Go and scratch in peace my friends.


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