Touching Our Beauty


There are negative and positive seeds within our being. Today I was reflecting on the negative. These seeds or entities…our anger, hatred, fear, despair, sadness, and suffering -to name a few- are apart of us. If we say that our entities aren’t part of who we are then we are separating them from ourselves. That would be dividing ourselves into soul shards. What we need to realize is that we are more than these seeds. If we learn to accept them as part of ourselves, but identify with the more and greater abundance that is there inside then we can heal and know our essence and potential as reality.

Healing doesn’t divide and separate; it makes us whole. It is important to be clear and honest with ourselves. Therefore, what we tell ourselves in our mind should be carefully examined so that false ideas don’t water the seeds of ignorance and confusion. That is the company that anger keeps within our subconscious and unconscious. Once a false perception is firmly rooted it begins to take over our thoughts and feelings. It begins to control our actions. This causes a lot of damage. For ourselves. And others through pain and suffering. Sometimes the false perception overruns our soul garden, and we are no longer able to recognize ourselves.


The work and energy to transform such a situation is enormous. However, the effort is worth it. Thich Nhat Hanh says, “If you see elements of garbage in you, don’t panic. As a good organic gardener, you can face this: ‘I recognize that there is garbage in me. I am going to transform this garbage into nourishing compost that can make love reappear.'” We may have to remind ourselves that we are capable of doing the work especially when we look at all the overgrowth. We have to recognize that our capacity to love, to understand and to be compassionate is still there. We have the ability to communicate, to forgive, and to show compassion no matter what has happened. When tending to our soul garden, we return home touching our own beauty.



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