Coming Home


Today the hill 

Put on a 

Different dress

To greet me

Frilly spring green

Lined with darker


A lace slip of 

Pear blosooms

Peeking from underneath

Her voice…

Filled with a thousand

Notes of birdsong

Calling me 

To the heart

Of home.

© Salem Islas-Madlo 2015

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In order to answer a call of love…Follow one man’s quest… As he tries to span beyond death itself…

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Spring Concerto


Trembling in the light

A violin vibrato

Plum blossoms open

© Salem Islas-Madlo 2015


Driven by Recursion


Patterns repeating

Looking within for insight

Fractals of chaos

© Salem Islas-Madlo 2015

Artist: Yellena James, “Patterns”

An Open Letter

A friend of mine shared a video with me today he dedicated to those who suffer in silence.Those who want to end their lives. Those who swing from one extreme to another. Here is a special message just for you. You aren’t alone. In the video, you may not be able to read the words, but you can feel the tenderness. Please know that you are Someone who matters.

In his words:

Many youngsters, primarily girls (some very tender with their minds) today are suffering from the demons of self-harm and suicidal thoughts, many times due to image crisis, often put on them by others who don’t know what pain someone is going through.

Lack of empathy is something that needs to be brought to light.
They suffer and never tell anyone about it. They don’t deserve this pain. Each one of us deserves love. So, I felt I too need to do something, so I wrote this letter. If you can relate to this, it’s for you. Please smile.
If anyone ever wishes to counsel about anything that makes you sad, never hesitate to write me a message. I understand. I care. I’ll do whatever I can, as long as I can. [I might have a machine face but I’m very much human within]
Never forget that you are loved

I was inspired by this young man’s heart and earnest desire to reach out to others. Let’s cultivate an open heart within ourselves. Pema Chödrön writes, “It is unconditional compassion for ourselves that leads naturally to unconditional compassion to others. The first step is to develop compassion for our own wounds.” If we can manage to show ourselves self-compassion it flows naturally towards others. It doesn’t take much to give kindness to ourselves…then we connect to the riches of our souls we are empowered to share that same abundance with the others. Be kind to yourself. Embrace your essence…all of it.

My Brilliant Image

One day the sun admitted,

I am just a shadow.

I wish I could show you

The Infinite Incandescence 

That has cast my brilliant image!

I wish I could show you,

When you are lonely or in darkness,

The Astonishing Light

Of your own Being!

By: Hafiz

Lunar Eclipse and Sweet Harmony


Excerpts from Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”:

How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!
Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music
Creep in our ears: soft stillness and the night
Become the touches of sweet harmony.
Look, how the floor of heaven
Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold:
There’s not the smallest orb that thou behold’st
But in his motion like an angel sings
Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins;
Such harmony is in immortal souls;
But, whilst this muddy vesture of decay
Doth grossly close it in, we cannot hear it.
Come, ho! and wake Diana with a hymn:
With sweetest touches pierce your mistress’ ear,
And draw her home with music.

I am never merry when I hear sweet music.

The reason is, your spirits are attentive:
The man that hath no music in himself,
Nor is not mov’d with concord of sweet sounds,
Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils;
The motions of his spirit are dull as night,
And his affections dark as Erebus:
Let no such man be trusted… Music! hark!

It is your music of the house.

Methinks it sounds much sweeter than by day.

Silence bestows that virtue on it.

How many things by season season’d are.
To their right praise and true perfection!
Peace, ho! the moon sleeps with Endymion,
And would not be awak’d.

(Soft stillness and the night
Become the touches of sweet harmony.)